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2786 Juan M Gutiérrez St 2nd B, Recoleta
1225 CADA Buenos Aires Argentina
(+54)15 6716 5351
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Más sobre Yuyú

Yuyú Herrera represents the traditional mixture of cultures from the Rio de la Plata region of Argentina. Born in Buenos Aires, from an Argentine mother and Uruguayan father, from creole grandparents and immigrants, she grew up with the rhythm of tango and candombe, the culture of both river banks. Her first steps were dancing to the beat of the drums and dancing tango standing on the feet of her father in the old family parties.

The young Yuyú studied Sociology, Music, Theatre, Folckore Dances and Afro roots of music and dance. As an adult she returned to tango in the Milongas, learning from the embrace of the old milongueros. To prefect her tango, she studied various kinds of movement technique and tango, milonga and vals with renowned teachers. As a result of her knowledge and experience, she has developed her own style of dancing and teaching methods. Yuyú Herrera has been danced and teaching professionally since 2000.